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Dutch Jewellery Creations

Handcrafted and precious metal clay jewellery and pmc workshops

Silver jewellery workshop

Have you ever wanted to make your own piece of silver jewellery or would you like to try something new? Now, you can!

Everyone can do it, no previous experience is needed and you don’t have to be creative. How?

Join me for a 3 hour introduction PMC (Precious Metal Clay) workshop at The Micro Collective in Kalamunda. 

If Kalamunda is too far for you but you would like to do a workshop,  I also offer workshops on location. If you would like to host a workshop at your place and have a minimum of 3 participants, please contact me by email and I will send you the current information. 

The Micro Collective in Kalamunda

October 2021

Saturday the 30th of October, 10.30 AM - 01.30 PM, 2 places available

November 2021

Saturday the 20th of November, 10.30 AM - 01.30PM, 5 places available

Number of participants per workshop: minimum 4 maximum 6. 

Due to the small group size you are not limited to a number of designs but you can make your own unique design as long as your design is feasible with your skills and in the time that you have. I will be able to give everyone personal attention and advice,  so you will end up with your own unique piece.

Outlay of the workshop; 

You will be given information about the material, practicing with modelling clay to get a feel for working with clay and working out your design (keep it simple!). When you have worked with PMC before you can skip this part and you can work on a more complicated design or on more pieces. You will then make a pendant or a pair of earrings with PMC and finish your piece/pieces to the stage that it will go into the kiln. The firing process will take approx. 3 hours so your piece will be hard and the silver will be fully sintered. I will fire your pieces at home and you can schedule a date with me for finishing/pickup. You have a choice whether you would like me to finish the jewellery piece after it has been fired or you can finish the piece yourself when you come over to collect it. Finishing of the piece will take approx. 5-15 minutes. I can also finish your piece and send it to you but there will be an additional charge for packing and shipping.

Cost of the workshop; $110 (3 hour workshop) 

The workshop price includes:

  • use of all the tools
  • coffee/tea/water and cookies
  • 1 fine silver bail back for your pendant or 1 pair of sterling ear wires for your earrings
  • 10 gram of PMC+

Approximately 5 to 10 gram of PMC is needed for a pendant or a pair of earrings). Extra PMC is available at $3.50 per gram. PMC price is depending on the the current silver price and may vary. Current PMC price : $3.50 per gram

If you would like to attend one of the workshops or if you would like some more information, please send me an email at : [email protected]


I hope to see you soon at one of the workshops.

Copyright © Reineke Muller. All Rights Reserved. None of the jewellery designs may be reproduced in any form without written consent from the designer.






Christiana (11 y.o.)








Follow up workshop using the PMC syringe


Follow up workshop using PMC with coloured UV-resin


Follow up workshop using the PMC syringe