Dutch Jewellery Creations

Handcrafted and precious metal clay jewellery and pmc workshops

Dutch Jewellery Creations is a small business based in

Perth Western Australia that sells handcrafted

modern silver jewellery made from Precious Metal Clay

and sterling silver byzantine chainmaille jewellery


Reineke Muller, a Dutch jewellery artist with International experience.

PMC is a material which consists of microscopic particles of silver which are mixed with a moist binder and water to create a material that has the feel and working properties of modelling clay. Once fired at a very high temperature the binder and water burn out and the result is a piece of pure silver (fine silver= 99,9% silver).

Reineke's jewellery can be viewed and purchased at The Artisan Store in Fremantle, The Micro Collective in Kalamunda or online.

Reineke also offers regular introduction PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and follow-up workshops at The Micro Collective in Kalamunda. For details about the workshops go to: Workshops - Student's gallery.

Copyright © Reineke Muller. All Rights Reserved. None of the jewellery designs may be reproduced in any form without written consent from the designer